spirituality is a feeling you can own


Stonehenge:    cereal boxes
Everyone:        all costumes
the front seats all the way back
of the european hatchback

two young men take the analogue
research chemical hallucinogen
the blue sun visor windscreen
chrome interior intensifies it.

ways of drinking ways of reading
the literary award delicately embossed
in a red circle like a still wet
wine cork under your thumb.

enormous cardboard from the TV
too large to fold, burned like wood
one day in a bin in the street.
I’ll take the self-love package

a Designated Picnic Area.
They came from the west country,
bearded wicca men who brew shed cider
with a pointed hat for the ceremony

paid dues to the faithful gordian knot
logo on distressed paper label microbrew
sold locally       to anyone        who got it.
daddy did you show them your new hash?

smirking thinking of his daughter licking
the rizla, he passed it to an orthodontist.

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