The Student Experience

The Student Experience

A decade and a half after
the milliennium in the summer
we all had done so well
that we threw up
our rental hat in the air
in a photo and hand on hip
stood with mum and dad who
smirked and loafed around
like graphic designers, who knew
the whole story and did
it themselves before
we went out for drinks
and got the whole thing
on their phones and wanted just to say

I would just like to say (!)
Thankyou London, Thankyou Oxford
Thank-you Manchester, Thankyou York
Thankyou Loughborough, thank you Leeds,
Thank You For The Memories
An Incredible Experience
Once In A Lifetime 2-FOR-1
hand on hip
I’ve done so well
we’ve done so well
big smiles we’ve done so well, all
sitting for a pub lunch, I’d just like to say
thankyou Durham, throw
my hat up in the air
paused in the photo beneath
the stone bridge

(Slow roasted lamb shoulder          12.5)

with the hat paused in the air

I’d just like to say quiet everyone
I’d just like to say
guys – guys –

the sun and the shadow
turn away from the camera
look down at the floor
it was really nothing
it was such hard work
I look so vulnerable
it was easy it wasn’t easy

I’d just like to say
Thank you!
because I’ve tried so hard
I’ve done so well
and it was really worth it

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One Response to The Student Experience

  1. J says:

    makes me feel a bit nauseous
    in a good way


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